[DRBD-user] primary inconsistent

Marc Pope marc.pope at falconarea.net
Tue Oct 13 22:42:09 CEST 2009

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This is my initial sync. There is no data yet on there. And yes, it is  
connected to a switch. This server only has 1 ethernet port... so  
maybe that's the problem.


On Oct 13, 2009, at 4:21 PM, Lars Ellenberg wrote:

> Can you elaborte on the situation?
> Is this just a "what iff" question?
> --> we provide the before-sync-target and after-sync-target hooks.
> if you use them as intended, you always have something consistent
> to fall back to.
> Are you already in a situation where your
> only remaining copy of data had been sync target before?
> Then you are in the unlucky situation, that your data is inconsistent.
> Depending on how far the resync progressed before, and how desperate  
> you
> are in trying to reconstruct some of the content,
> and of course, how much file system meta data blocks would have been
> target of resync, you may be able to still get to most of the files,
> in some state or other. But I'd probably rather go for the latest  
> backup
> than trying to do cumbersome forensics on a half-way bulk-updated file
> system image.
> Did I misunderstand the question?

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