[DRBD-user] Primary on both nodes (SOLVED)

Madison Kelly linux at alteeve.com
Fri Nov 27 15:14:40 CET 2009

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gilberto nunes wrote:
> Hi folks
> I found a missconfiguration here...
> Apparently, DRBD do not work properly with bridge devices... ( that is 
> correct?)
> I was use br1 to dedicates device between nodes...
> I disable bridge and use 'real' device and now evertything is going 
> right...
> But, to my project here, I really need bridge devices because inside a 
> VM that I deploy with KVM, I use DRBD too, and the DRBD use a bridge 
> device use by DRBD on real server....
> The IP of br1 on real server is the same range on VM, to communcate with 
> other VM...
> Thanks
> *Gilberto Nunes Ferreira*

This may not help, but at least it breaks the silence. :)

I've not used DRBD in a VM, but I do use it between dom0s via a real 
switch and I use bridging between a set of VMs. As I've gotten my system 
set up, my bridges don't have IPs themselves. In this configuration, 
they are essentially just switches... Not addressable devices.

So what I am wondering is; Could your problem be a mis-configuration on 
the networking instead of an actual problem with DRBD? To be honest, and 
I am no expert, I don't see how the difference between real and virtual 
switches/bridges should affect DRBD at all.


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