[DRBD-user] Problem with upgrading drbd storage

Robert Dunkley Robert at saq.co.uk
Mon Nov 23 16:53:07 CET 2009

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I think you need to create the Meta Data on the disk first.

You could try this on the upgraded machine but beware I'm pretty sure
its destructive:
drbdadm create-md RESOURCENAME

Then do this from the un-upgraded machine with the good data (Be warned
this is DESTRUCTIVE and will overwrite all data on the other machine):
drbdadm -- --overwrite-data-of-peer primary RESOURCENAME

My guess is the metadata was wiped when you edited the partition table.
You might want to wait for a second opinion on this as I am not a DRBD


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I want to upgrade disk space two servers running DRBD.

I've now done the following:
1.) stopped the backup machine
2.) upgraded the Raid 10 in that machine (without destroying any data)
3.) deleted partition and created new bigger partition on that device
4.) Data is still there when i mount the partition i see everything
5.) but drbd does not start to sync after starting drbd.

1: Failure: (119) No valid meta-data signature found.

        ==> Use 'drbdadm create-md res' to initialize meta-data area.

So now the status is:
Diskless/UpToDate on the backup machine.

Where has the metadata gone? Shouldn't drbd able to sync now?


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