[DRBD-user] git.drbd.org and debian packages

Billy Guthrie bguthrie at billyguthrie.com
Thu Nov 19 15:29:22 CET 2009

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I used git to download drbd-8.3.git from http://git.drbd.org/

Followed http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/s-checking-out-git.html



Everything installed beautifully (Couple dependencies on some packages), otherwise
no errors and everything installed perfect with no errors.

crm configure primitive drbd_pbxnsip ocf:linbit:drbd params drbd_resource="r0" op monitor interval="10s"
crm configure ms ms_drbd_pbxnsip drbd_pbxnsip meta master-max=1 master-node-max=1 clone-max=2 clone-node-max=1 notify=true
crm configure primitive fs_pbxnsip ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem params device="/dev/drbd0" directory="/usr/local/pbxnsip" fstype="ext3"
crm configure primitive pbxnsipd lsb:pbxnsip
crm configure group pbxnsip fs_pbxnsip ip_pbxnsip pbxnsipd
crm configure colocation pbxnsip_on_drbd inf: pbxnsip ms_drbd_pbxnsip:Master
crm configure order pbxnsip_after_drbd inf: ms_drbd_pbxnsip:promote pbxnsip:start

Failed actions:
    drbd_pbxnsip:0_monitor_0 (node=pbx01, call=2, rc=5, status=complete): not installed
    drbd_pbxnsip:1_monitor_0 (node=pbx02, call=2, rc=5, status=complete): not installed

Log file showed:

Nov 19 00:32:19 pbx01 lrmd: [2025]: ERROR: (raexecocf.c:execra:178) execl failed for /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d//linbit/drbd: No such file or directory

installed location showed:


I created a sym link to /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d//linbit/drbd and all is working now; however, did I miss something or is there a mistake in the build somewhere?

Thanks for your time.

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