[DRBD-user] DRBD replication for disaster Recovery

Adam Gandelman adam at linbit.com
Wed Nov 11 21:22:37 CET 2009

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If you've got a local HA cluster working and want to move one node to
the DR site, make the two nodes talk to each other over the WAN and
update drbd.conf (IPs, ports, protocol).  Take HA out of the equation
and manage DRBD manually (add to existing recovery procedure?) because
trusting a CRM with cross-site failover is not the best idea. See how it

Or you can  add a third node to your existing setup. Stack it on top of
your existing DRBD resource and achieve both HA + geographically diverse

Performance over your WAN may be sub-par, consider DRBD Proxy.

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niru.feeds wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have tested DRBD with HA (same network clustering), but I wanted to know
> how can I use DRBD (2 nodes) in different locations (local & remote) for
> disaster recovery.
> Scenario:
> we have a small data center with 20 servers (including blades and VMS) all
> of these servers use iSCSI SAN for storing data. I have a identical setup in
> my DR site. some of the servers are used on other networks (VPNs, Branch
> etc.) 
> We also have a network redirection in case of failure. That means if the
> primary (production) network goes down, all the traffic will be routed to
> our DR site. as well we have few client systems (200 in primary location and
> 10 in DR site) which use these servers. At the moment we are taking tape
> backups of each logical disks in primary SAN and putting them on the DR site
> SAN. thats time consuming and with so many logical volumes too many tapes
> are being used.
> As I mentioned in the primary site we have tested DRBD with HA and it works,
> all the iSCSI targets are available to the primary site servers through the
> DRBD failover mechanism. 
> What I want is take one of the DRBD servers and keep it in DR site
> (connected via wireless / OF) and do the replication. 
> I found that if I stop the heartbeat, the replication between the nodes
> stops and with remote networks, how do I do the heartbeat. our remote site
> is different subnet. we configured IP redirection, even DNS change if
> primary goes down, all in all, we have network switchover in case "primary"
> fails. 
> I need help in doing the DRBD without HA configuration (which needs either
> cross over or same subnet) at the same time the replication should be both
> ways with latest data replicated on both DRBD servers.
> Please let me know how can I go for this.

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