[DRBD-user] Very slow online verification in 8.3.5

Mike Shappell mike.shappell at outerware.com
Sat Nov 7 18:45:27 CET 2009

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Hey folks, just getting started with DRBD and have built a version of  
8.3.5 for testing.  We have successfully setup two machines and gotten  
up-to-date on both machines with a 50GB partition.  To avoid the long  
initial sync process we used the 'trunk sync' process outlined in the  
documentation.  This resulting in our  current up-to-date state on  
both of our machines.  We then decided to add online verification, so  
we added the necessary changes to the config files on both machines  
(using SHA1) and 'adjusted' both sides.  I then started the  
verification and we do have progress, but after nearly 15-20 hours we  
are only 26% complete.  It seems like this should be something that  
runs quickly (I think the manual mentioned running this as a cron job  
daily) and with our relatively small volume this seems to be taking a  
long time.  Both machines are showing about 25-30Mhz CPU usage and  
13KBps of network usage (of ~300MB/s).  Disk usage is virtually non- 

Any ideas why this process is taking such a long time would be  
appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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