[DRBD-user] Citrix XenServer 5.5 + drbd for HA

Adam Gandelman adam at linbit.com
Mon Nov 2 23:56:58 CET 2009

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My mistake.  This is documented in the new DRBD Documentation Library,
not the extended users guide.

Basically, you can create LVM SRs on top of  a DRBD device or
reintroduce existing SRs as new, DRBD backed SRs.    Creating them
essentially creates a PV/VG stack for each SR/PBD on top of drbdX and
carves out LVs for each virtual drive.  When you get past the verbose xe
CLI commands and long UUIDs, you quickly realize its all just trivial
LVM stuff going on underneath.  

Again, this is  outlined in the Doc Library which is available through
the LINBIT support system.

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Scott Inderlied wrote:
> I have a support agreement and therefore have access to the extended guide,
> yet I can't find mention of xenserver specifics. I'm hitting my head against
> the wall right now with SR's, LVM, and DRBD.
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> Hi Ingmar-
> DRBD can be used from within xenserver to replicate storage
> repositories.  This is documented in our extended users guide.  You can
> also use DRBD to build HA iSCSI/NFS clusters to serve HA SRs to an
> entire xenserver pool.  However, HA on the VM level is the job of a
> higher level cluster manager and, AFIK, this is either not possible to
> do with OCF-based CRMs or nobody has developed it yet.  It is something
> I plan on looking into in the coming months.  Citrix offers an
> enterprise add-on for this but it does not provide any redundancy on the
> storage level, so some other  form of shared storage (more $$) is
> required.  If you need HA storage repositories for your xenserver domUs,
> DRBD is a relatively easy "drop in" solution.
> If you do not need or want the features of XenServer/XenCenter,
> heartbeat/pacemaker can monitor OSS Xen domUs in addition to DRBD. 
> There is an Xen OCF script that is shipped with Pacemaker.
> hope that helps
> Adam
> Beck Ingmar wrote:
>> Hi,
>> are there news regarding Citrix XenServer 5.5 and drdbd as HA solution?
>> Florian told me some months ago that so far there is no known solution
>> for this.
>> Has someone already implemented this? Is there a guide / how-to for this
>> solution?
>> Is this solution better or worse than a HA-cluster with Xen-OS and
>> drbd to
>> eg Debian 5. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of this
>> solution?
>> regards
>> Ingmar
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