[DRBD-user] Performance tuning

David Ruggles david at safedatausa.com
Wed May 27 14:57:02 CEST 2009

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I've got a gigabit crossover link between two Dell PE 2650s running CentOS

I've tested the link with iperf and it tests out to a 980Mbps link, however
drbd only achieves about 5-8 MBps during full sync. (I'm not sure how to see
what the normal sync performance is) I would expect to get some where around
100 MBps.

I've googled and read everything I can find on optimizing, but nothing I've
tried has made a difference. I was hoping someone might have some experience
with this config and be able to offer some suggestions (or even just be able
to say that's the max on this hardware)



David Ruggles
Network Engineer	Safe Data, Inc.
(910) 285-7200	david at safedatausa.com

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