[DRBD-user] Request for Testing: New drbd packages for CentOS 4/5

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Sat May 9 12:07:00 CEST 2009

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On Fri, May 08, 2009 at 03:45:24PM +0200, Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Cheers,
> there are new drbd packages "available" for CentOS. There now is
> drbd82-8.2.7 with the responding kmod-drbd package, drbd83-8.3.1 (which
> is the first 8.3 package available for CentOS) and 8.0.16 (which just is
> an update). 8.0.16 is *only* available for CentOS 5.
> All of these packages are not dependend on the kernel version anymore,
> so there is no need for new packages when the kernel is updated. This
> was true already for the CentOS 5 packages, but now also works for
> CentOS 4. The CentOS 4 and CentOS 5 packages are generated from the same
> spec files.
> I'd like to push these packages into the CentOS-Extras repository as
> soon as possible - to do so I need some feedback from users if these
> packages work, as the spec files have changed to allow building packages
> for both supported CentOS versions.
> The packages are available from the testing repository at
> <http://dev.centos.org/>. The versions you are looking for are:
> drbd83-8.3.1-3*
> kmod-drbd8.3.1-4* 
> drbd82-8.2.7-3*
> kmod-drbd-8.2.7-4*
> (and of course there are drbd-kmod packages for all the different kernel
> variants like kernel-xen, kernel-PAE, kernel-largesmp and so on).
> WARNING: I am not sure if all of these packages work correctly, so
> please test them on machines which aren't in production. All kmod-drbd*
> packages with a release number <4 are broken for variant kernels, so
> please do not use those.
> It would be nice to get some feedback from you :)

Note that the drbd-8.2.7 tgz from oss.linbit.com has one known serious
bug: if you do an online verify, and it did find something to be
out-of-sync, it calls a userland helper (sleeping function) from within
a spinlock. (introduced by a merge error on our part; git was able to
merge something just fine, but one change introduced the kernel helper,
the other introduced the spinlock...).
that was fixed just a few commits after the 8.2.7 release.
which is one of the main reasons (the other reason was a non-critical
stack corruption in userland) for SLE 11 to not grab 8.2.7 directly,
but http://git.drbd.org/?p=drbd-8.2.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/tags/sle11-hae

even after that tag, there have been many minor improvements and fixes,
so you should consider to either use 8.2 git, or better: drbd 8.3 instead.

8.3 is the successor of 8.2, but the support for "stacking DRBD" from
former "DRBD plus" was merged as well as its improved bitmap implementation.
Which also increases the supported maximum device size to 16 TB (on any
architecture, opposed to 4TB with 8.2, 8TB with 8.2 on 64bit).

As these have been major feature enhancements, we bumped the version
number. But don't think of 8.3.0 as a ".0 version" in the usual "wait
and see until that stabilizes" fashion. We could as well have labeled
it 8.2.10 or something.

I recommend to use 8.3.

I recommend against using 8.2.7,
if built directly from the 8.2.7 .tgz from oss.linbit.com


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