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Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Tue Mar 24 09:39:06 CET 2009

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On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 07:29:51PM -0400, Ben Timby wrote:
> Why do I have to opt out of this survey every time I do anything with drbd?

because you never even read the introduction section
in the drbd.conf man page.

> Other boxes after I type no once, it does not ask any more. This box
> asks every time... Nagware to the extreme... See below, I type no
> three times just to restart the service.

most likely it cannot reach usage.drbd.org,
and thus retries over and over again.

to have it not ask,
you can either completely enable or disable this.
man drbd.conf
global { usage-count yes; }
(or no; default is ask, which is why it asks.)

> --
> # service drbd restart
> 		--== This is a new installation of DRBD ==--
> Please take part in the global DRBD usage count at http://usage.drbd.org.
> The counter works anonymously. It creates a random number to identify
> your machine and sends that random number, along with
> DRBD's version number, to usage.drbd.org.
> The benefits for you are:
>  * In response to your submission, the server (usage.drbd.org) will tell you
>    how many users before you have installed this version (8.2.6).
>  * With a high counter LINBIT has a strong motivation to
>    continue funding DRBD's development.
> http://usage.drbd.org/cgi-bin/insert_usage.pl blabla
> In case you want to participate but know that this machine is firewalled,
> simply issue the query string with your favorite web browser or wget.
> You can control all of this by setting 'usage-count' in your drbd.conf.
> * You may enter a free form comment about your machine, that gets
>   used on usage.drbd.org instead of the big random number.
> * If you wish to opt out entirely, simply enter 'no'.
> * To count this node without comment, just press [RETURN]
> no

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