[DRBD-user] pingAck failed - help to avoid it?

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Mon Mar 16 11:38:04 CET 2009

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On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 01:48:12AM +0200, Theophanis Kontogiannis wrote:
> Hello all
> I have a two nodes cluster on Centos 5.2, kernel
> 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5.centos.plus, drbd-8.3.0-3 and
> drbd-km-2.6.18_92.1.22.el5.centos.plus-8.3.0-3 compiled and installed as rpm
> by myself.
> Though I do have two GigabitEth NICs connected back-to-back for DRBD and
> clustering, from time to time, especially during heavy traffic on the public
> GigEth interfaces of the cluster nodes, I get the following:
> drbd0: PingAck did not arrive in time.

> drbd0: peer( Primary -> Unknown ) conn( Connected -> NetworkFailure ) pdsk(
> UpToDate -> DUnknown ) susp( 0 -> 1 )
> drbd0: asender terminated
> drbd0: Terminating asender thread
> drbd0: short read expecting header on sock: r=-512
> drbd0: Creating new current UUID
> drbd0: Connection closed
> drbd0: helper command: /sbin/drbdadm fence-peer minor-0
> drbd0: helper command: /sbin/drbdadm fence-peer minor-0 exit code 2 (0x200)
> drbd0: fence-peer helper broken, returned 2

hm?? what is that about?
what did you configure for fencing?
why does it return 2?

> Fencing is working since the node that failed to send the PinkAck gets
> fenced (and rebooted).

hm... see above.

> However, any ideas why this is happening since there is private link for

> Also I fail to identify on the man pages and the on-line tutorial/manual,
> the parameters that will make me fine tune this behavior, so I would also
> appreciate some help on that too.

increase the ping-timeout in drbd.conf.

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