[DRBD-user] Partitioning a drbd device

Dominik Klein dk at in-telegence.net
Thu Mar 12 07:39:23 CET 2009

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Poyner, Brandon wrote:
> I can't answer if you're using drbd in a supported manner, but it
> doesn't seem unusual to me.  If you give the drbd device to a virtual
> machine to use as a raw block device, the virtual machine will treat it
> like any other block device (e.g.: hard drive).  Back on the Dom0 host
> if you examine the contents of the drbd device you'll see the partition
> layout.  This matches what you're seeing except I don't know why your
> swap partition isn't showing.

Oh I just missed copying the last line of fdisk -l. Sorry.


> I take advantage of this to make disaster recovery backups of some
> virtualized DomU Windows hosts (using Xen, not KVM).  I make an LVM
> snapshot of the drbd device on the Dom0 host, use kpartx on the snapshot
> to create the device files that map to the partitions inside the
> snapshot, and then ntfsclone the partitions inside.  
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>> Hi
>> I'm looking at kvm virtualisation and the pretty nice virt-manager.
>> Thanks Florian for making me look into it! :)
>> So while setting up a kvm on top of a drbd device, the setup process
>> partitioned the drbd device into root and swap partitions.
>> # fdisk -l /dev/drbd2
>> Disk /dev/drbd2: 32.2 GB, 32211234816 bytes
>> 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 3916 cylinders
>> Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes
>> Disk identifier: 0x09fffa0f
>> Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System
>> /dev/drbd2p1               1        3916    31455238+  83  Linux
>> I talked to Brian Hellman on IRC and he (quoting Lars) sort of said it
>> was not possible to partition a drbd device so I am pretty confused
>> here. Didn't I just do that?
>> So what I'd like to know is whether this is a supported setup and
>> considered save to do/use.
>> Searching for "partition drbd" was not exactly helpful as you might
>> imagine.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Dominik
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