[DRBD-user] More three node setup questions

David.Livingstone at cn.ca David.Livingstone at cn.ca
Wed Mar 11 18:02:59 CET 2009

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Brian R. Hellman wrote:

> David.Livingstone at cn.ca wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > Back in January I posted some questions concerning setting up 8.3 for
> > third node replication. Since then I have successfully setup such a 
> > and of course now I have more questions :)
> >
> > - Is there anyway to use the diaster recovery "third node" for 
> >   drbd setups ? For example if we have machines alpha and bravo
> >   as the Primary and Secondary machines and foxtrot as the third node
> >   diaster recovery node can I also have drbd primary and secondary
> >   machines alice and charlie leverage foxtrot as the third node ?

> Yes, you can have multiple /dev/drbdX devices on the third node, so
> alpha and bravo would have /dev/drbd10  and alice and charlie could have
> /dev/drbd20

Thanks for replying
So would this mean I would need the configuration for all the nodes in
one drbd.conf and this file on all the hosts ? I presume I would have
two upper resources defined stacked-on-top-of the resources defined for
each of alpha/bravo and alice/charlie.

> >
> > - In my current setup I am using protocol A for the third node. What
> >   is the syntax to specify csums-alg hash-alg in the syncer section
> >   of drbd.conf ?

> csums-alg md5;

> >
> > Thanks
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