[DRBD-user] Two minor Bugs

Tim Evers it at niemail.de
Mon Jun 29 10:53:37 CEST 2009

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I did not find another way to report bugs (if I missed it please give me
a hint) so I report two minor "bugs" here:

1. A typo: drbdsetup gives a warning if outdated-wfc-timeout is not set,
but it calls it outdate-wfc-timeout which is misleading.

(degr_wfc_timeout < outdated_wfc_timeout || outdated_wfc_timeout == 0)) {
                        outdated_wfc_timeout = wfc_timeout;
                        fprintf(stderr, "outdate-wfc-timeout has to be
shorter than degr-wfc-timeout\n"

2. The init Skript calls drbdadm sh-mod-parms to get info on how many
devices may be used. If no ressources are defined during startup drbdadm
throws an error an does not return the configured value. So setting up
the correct module parameters fails silently.

Best regards


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