[DRBD-user] Split-brain automatic recovery on reource

Kiran Kumar mkirank1 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 22:39:58 CEST 2009

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  We are looking at using DRBD for our production servers , I have
been able to install and configure without any problems thanks to the
excellent resources available.

I have been testing automatic recovery from split-brain in DRBD, I
have heartbeat running on multiple interfaces and am aware that
prevention of split-brain is recommended but I am looking at a worst
case scenario where a split brain occurs and I have to recover
automatically using  "discard-least-changes".

Suppose I have specified 4 resources r0 , r1 ,r2 and r3 is there any
hooks or any way of specifying in the configuration file that after
split brain sync from the node that has touched more blocks on one
resource say r1  and the other three resources just follow what r1
decides .

Another question I have, Is there any command to look at a particular
resource on each machine and determine which has more blocks written ?

I am attaching my drbd.conf .

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