[DRBD-user] DRBD - on ARM (armel)

Nick Liebmann nick at ukmail.org
Fri Jun 12 22:28:45 CEST 2009

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I just this minute tried OCFS2 and it seems to be working perfectly.

Jürgen Scholz wrote:
> Hello!
>> My filesystem is just ext3 so I think I am right in assuming that this
>> is actually an INCORRECT assumption, as far as the filesystem is
>> concerned, so I tried combinations of unmounting (and remounting on  
>> the
>> remote peer), and even restarting drbd.
> You are right with your doubts. You can not do this with ext2. You'll
> need a cluster-filesystem (eg OCFS2) to use dual primary mode.
>> I hope moving from ext3 to OCFS2 will sort out this issue ?? Yes??
> Do not use ext3 for this. It won't work and you'll lose data.
> cheers,
> juergen
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