[DRBD-user] Resize with external meta data ?

Robert reg at elconas.de
Fri Jun 5 11:12:37 CEST 2009

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while going through "Re: [DRBD-user] online shrinking errors / Centos5 
drbd 8.3.1    from    Testing", I was asking myself:

How is meta data in general handled with resize ?

Lets assume device like shown in the graphics (where d1/2/3 are data 
areas and m is the meta part).

1) internal meta data

[ d1 | d2 | d3 | m ]

1a) grow

Is the meta data moved to the end of the device ?
[ d1 | d2 | d3 | d4 | m ]

Or is meta data kept in the middle ?
[ d1 | d2 | d3 | m | d4 ]

1b) shrink

Is the meta data moved forward to device ?
[ d1 | d2 | m ]

Or is meta data truncated ?  (this is the correct one, seems to be 
answered by the e-Mail)
[ d1 | d2 |    | m ]

2) external meta data
(assuming the meta data device "just as large as it needs to be" 
according to 

[ d1 | d2 | d3 ]  [ m ]

2a) grow

Do I have to resize the meta device before resize of the device ?
Is meta data automatically resized ?

2b) shrink

Same questions as above

It would be great if this would be outlined in the admin guide.


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