[DRBD-user] noob question

jhonyl jhonyl at netscape.net
Mon Jun 1 01:51:54 CEST 2009

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In dual primary setup, with ocfs2, suppose both nodes write two big 
files to disk big1, and big2 and syncing it between them. Then in the 
middle the connection between the servers goes down. What would happen 
then? I think they will continue to write big1, and big2 to node1 and 
node2. Some of the file will possibly be written on the same disk 
blocks. On resume one of the disks will be synced to the other node, 
say node1 will be synced to node2, which will possibly overwrite some 
of big2 with big1 blocks. Moreover some of the filesystem structures in 
node2 may be overwritten with big1 related filesystem structures, while 
some may stay intact, which may lead to some missing structures for 

Can that happen?

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