[DRBD-user] Adding a third drbd node

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I think you would need 8.3 and above for node stacking, also where is the 
3rd node is it local or at a remote location.

As far as upgrading goes.

I would have thought this would be the best method.

node1 = Primary
node2 = Secondary

1) Stop DRBD on node2 ( Secondary ). Upgrade DRBD. Start DRBD on node2. 
Wait for DRBD to resync data
2) Once data has synced. Demote node1( Current Primary ) to secondary. 
Bring up node2 as your new Primary.
2) node1 is now a secondary, so your safe to stop DRBD, upgrade DBRD, 
bring back online as secondary and wait for resync to occur.....

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[DRBD-user] Adding a third drbd node
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Hi Everyone,
I currently have a two node cluster using heartbeat in a Primary/Secondary 
mode.  My question is:
Is it possible to add a third node as a DR server (act as a second 
secondary) using drbd version 8.2.5?  Or will I have to upgrade to 8.3? 
These two servers are live at the moment and would rather not have to be 
taking them offline for a version upgrade. 
However, if this is the case, is there a "sure-fire" way to upgrading 
Any help would be much appreciated.
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