[DRBD-user] CentOS-5.3 + DRBD-8.2 + OCFS2-1.4

Kevin Clark kevin.clark at csoft.co.uk
Wed Jul 15 12:34:04 CEST 2009

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I've run into a problem mounting an OCFS2 filesystem on a DRBD device.  I think it's the same one discussed here http://lists.linbit.com/pipermail/drbd-user/2007-April/006681.html

When I try to mount the filesystem I get a ocfs2_hb_ctl: I/O error:

[root at node-6A ~]# mount -t ocfs2 /dev/drbd2 /cshare
ocfs2_hb_ctl: I/O error on channel while starting heartbeat
mount.ocfs2: Error when attempting to run /sbin/ocfs2_hb_ctl: "Operation not permitted"
[root at node-6A ~]#

Dmesg shows:

(5070,0):o2hb_setup_one_bio:409 ERROR: Error adding page to bio i = 7, vec_len = 4096, len = 0
, start = 0
(5070,0):o2hb_read_slots:507 ERROR: status = -5
(5070,0):o2hb_populate_slot_data:1432 ERROR: status = -5
(5070,0):o2hb_region_dev_write:1532 ERROR: status = -5

The solution recommended in 2007 was to patch the kernel.  I think I've established that the OCFS2 heartbeat patch wasn't committed to the Linux kernel until 2.6.20.  I think I've also established that Redhat haven't backported the patch to their RHEL-5 kernel (currently 2.6.18-128.2.1.el5) as there's no mention of it in the changelog.

Am I therefore correct to understand that either patching the CentOS-5 kernel or using a 2.6.20 or upwards kernel will be required to use a CentOS-5.3 + DRBD-8.2 + OCFS2-1.4 setup?

Has anyone had any success applying the OCFS2 hearbeat patch to the CentOS-5 2.6.18 kernel?

Many thanks,


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