[DRBD-user] Online verification and the out-of-sync event

Andrew Miklas public at mikl.as
Mon Jul 13 20:02:53 CEST 2009

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I've got a small question about DRBD's online verification process.

As suggested in the docs "Automating on-line verification", I'd like  
to have a cron job run the verify process every week.  However,  
instead of just writing an error message into the system log, I'd like  
the secondary to update any mismatched blocks using the primary.  I've  
written a little Perl script that kicks off the verification on the  
primary, polls "drbdadm cstate" waiting for the verify to finish, and  
then does a disconnect/reconnect on the primary.  However, this seems  
a bit hacky.

Is there any way to avoid the polling and just have DRBD update any  
out of sync blocks automatically?  I've noticed this line appears in  
the log after a failed verification:
drbd1: helper command: /sbin/drbdadm out-of-sync

Can I configure the out-of-sync event to automatically correct the  
mismatched blocks without a disconnect/reconnect?
If not, will doing the disconnect/reconnect on the primary be enough  
to force an update of the secondary?

Thanks for your help,

Andrew Miklas

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