[DRBD-user] init scripts for mounting filesystems?

Richard Hector richard at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Jul 3 07:56:59 CEST 2009

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Hi all,

After much googling, I haven't managed to find info on how drbd-backed
filesystems are usually mounted.

/etc/fstab is read (on my system, anyway) too early to mount drbd
filesystems, and the methods nfs use to deal with this won't work
transparently, since the actual filesystem type is a standard one (ext3
or whatever).

I've started writing an init script, but it seems likely that this has
been done before ... anyone got any pointers?

I'm using Debian Lenny, with drbd8.3 from backports.

I'm using protocol C, with a single primary, and intend to try the 3-way
setup with a remote secondary once the basics are working.

I'm fully prepared to believe I've missed something obvious :-)



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