[DRBD-user] usage count... not going away

Steve Wray steve.wray at cwa.co.nz
Mon Feb 23 23:24:36 CET 2009

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I've upgraded a server from Debian Etch to Lenny and have upgraded drbd7 to 
8 in the process.

I'm a little concerned because the question about my participation in the 
usage count is not going away no matter how many times I type in 'no'. When 
I run the init scripts I have to enter 'no' several times. This gets old fast.

I doubt that participation is compulsory so there must be a way to 
permanently disable this once and for all.


                 --== This is a new installation of DRBD ==--
Please take part in the global DRBD usage count at http://usage.drbd.org.

The counter works anonymously. It creates a random number to identify
your machine and sends that random number, along with
DRBD's version number, to usage.drbd.org.

The benefits for you are:
  * In response to your submission, the server (usage.drbd.org) will tell you
    how many users before you have installed this version (8.0.14).
  * With a high counter LINBIT has a strong motivation to
    continue funding DRBD's development.

<URL deleted)

In case you want to participate but know that this machine is firewalled,
simply issue the query string with your favorite web browser or wget.
You can control all of this by setting 'usage-count' in your drbd.conf.

* You may enter a free form comment about your machine, that gets
   used on usage.drbd.org instead of the big random number.
* If you wish to opt out entirely, simply enter 'no'.
* To count this node without comment, just press [RETURN]

Please remember that an email is just like a postcard; it is not 
confidential nor private nor secure and can be read by many other people 
than the intended recipient. A postcard can be read by anyone at the mail 
sorting office and expecting what is written on it to be private and secret 
is not realistic. Please hold no higher expectation of email.

If you need to send confidential information in an email you need to use 
encryption. PGP is Pretty good for this.

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