[DRBD-user] DRBD tell me Concurrent local write detected!

gilberto nunes gilberto.nunes at selbetti.com.br
Wed Dec 30 19:01:01 CET 2009

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Hi buddies

I have drbd 8.3.0 here...
I share between two servers a partition of Hard Disk and use ocfs2 to 
mount this partition in both nodes...
I deploy a xen server in this two servers, and planning to run remus 
also... Remus is a tools to send vm state to another server. then when 
the main server down, the vm will be started on backup server... Remus 
send a checkpoint of vm state in interval of 200 ms to other side...
So, when I start remus something wrong goes happen.
The DRBD tell me Concurrent local write detected!

This warnning make my vm die prematurely and start on other side without 
a real shutdown of main server!!!!

Is there some way to prevent this Concurent local write warnning??

Thanks for any help

*Gilberto Nunes Ferreira*
*Selbetti Gestão de Documentos*
*Telefone: +55 (47) 3441-6004*
*Celular: +55 (47) 8861-6672*


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