[DRBD-user] block drbd0: bio would need to, but cannot, be split error on physical device

Vadym Chepkov chepkov at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 10 14:34:13 CET 2009

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> > Ok.
> > We apparently have a problem with 64K page size.
> > We could do a "hot fix", to get you going,
> > but that may work only "accidentally" ;)
> > 

I would like to clarify the suggestion. If you were referring to hot fix at http://www.drbd.org/download/hotfix/, I tried it right away. I put 
  disk {
    max-bio-bvecs 1;
in resource and common section (just in case), but this didn't change anything, I should have mentioned it. Said that I really hope you had some other "hot fix" in mind.

By the way, the web page links "bio" issue with a post that doesn't seem to be related to the problem on hands.

Thank you,
Vadym Chepkov

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