[DRBD-user] DRBD on LVM-> Disk Upgrade

Florian Haas florian.haas at linbit.com
Fri Aug 21 09:22:08 CEST 2009

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On 2009-08-21 01:21, Jürgen Scholz wrote:
>> As this idea is repeatedly being regurgitated here for apparently no
>> reason, I've created a blog post about it. You can get it from Planet HA
>> (http://www.planet-ha.org/#Internal+metadata%2C+and+why+we+recommend+it).
> Yes. I've read your explanation and it seems very reasonable. I didn't
> think about your points.
> Maybe a hint about your blog post would be nice. - Especially for those
> who don't run professional systems without battery backed RAID controllers,
> like myself. I run a RAID1 and I did not see the point in buying a RAID
> controller for RAID1 - back then.

This is a discussion I had with lmb on #drbd yesterday. Please, "not
running professional systems" and high availability don't exactly go
together. With DRBD and Linux and Pacemaker your HA cluster will most
likely be way cheaper than with our proprietary, vendor-lock-in
counterparts, so please try to convince your boss to put some of those
savings in good hardware. He or she will thank you afterwards for having
made a better investment and still have saved a ton of cash in total.

Now for those who pull this discussion from the list archives, here's
the permalink to that post:


>> Read my blog. :)
> I'm following the feed for quite a while now. You're not posting very
> often,
> but when you do it's usually good read. :-)

Well thank you. :)


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