[DRBD-user] Resizing of DRBD including replacement of Harddrives

Andreas Haase andreas.haase at evolver.de
Tue Aug 11 13:49:25 CEST 2009

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Hi there,

we are using DRBD 8.0.x on a cluster where the space is getting short.
So the idea is replacing the hard drives used for DRBD and resizing the
resource without need to copy the data somewhere else. We thought about
doing the following:

1. on slave: drbdadm down all 
2. replace hard drives on slave
3. partitioning the whole new space for being backing device of drbd
4. full sync (capacity will be that one of master, of course)
5. switching the cluster
6. doing the same on the other node
7. resizing drbd
8. resizing file system

Would that be sufficient for our problem? Are there any gotchas or maybe
better ways to accomplish this? Needless to say, that of course we have
a backup in case, there is failing something. But we want to avoid
restoring the data from there because of the time that is required for
that amount of data (85GB in very many small files).

Any suggestions very appreciated :-)
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