[DRBD-user] verify-alg requires data-integrity-alg ?

Tom Brown tbrown at baremetal.com
Thu Apr 9 10:25:13 CEST 2009

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>> in context that is:
>> 14:47:43 gt3 kernel: drbd4: Online verify found 45 4k block out of sync!
>> 14:47:43 gt3 kernel: drbd4: conn( VerifyT -> Connected )
>> 14:47:43 gt3 kernel: drbd4: Writing the whole bitmap, due to failed kmalloc
>> after a disconnect and reconnect (to get the out-of-sync blocks
>> sync'd), the fsck looks a lot better.
> I guess when you "stomped" over it, the verify process has already been
> past that area. you should have just restarted the verify process,
> and it should have picket up on that stomping.

no. I didn't stomp while running the verify. I stomped and then ran it. In 
fact I did it a couple times, as at first I wasn't stomping on much data, 
later I zeroed out a 40 meg chunk, about 40 meg into the partition.

(hhmm, sorry, looks like it was 4 Meg into the partion, .bash_history has 

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/vg1/nineteen-sys seek=1000 bs=4096 count=10240

I can redo it tomorrow if you like.

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