[DRBD-user] Online resizing drbd and lvm partitions

Richard Pijnenburg richard at softwaredev.nl
Sat Sep 13 18:15:58 CEST 2008

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Dear List,

Perhaps this has been discussed before but i think due the specific
setup it can't do much harm to ask it.
Currently i have set it up virtual trough VMware but there is one
thing i can't test.

The raid controller will be able to expand the storage online, adding
a disk and migrating it to the array so it will be larger.

The partitioning will be:

storage array -> DRBD -> PV -> VG -> LV -> iscsi

Will drbd able to handle online expension of the storage array?
If so, what command's will be needed?

Resizing the physical partition of the LVM structure shouldn't be
such a problem i think ?

I also saw in a post of the last day's that the limit of a drbd unit
is 8TB for a 64bit OS.
In case i have more then 8 TB i'll need a second drbd unit and add it
to the physical lvm unit.
Will this present any problems?
With kindest regards,

Richard Pijnenburg
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