[DRBD-user] Device is held open by someone

Richard Pijnenburg richard at softwaredev.nl
Wed Sep 10 16:39:24 CEST 2008

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Dear List,

I'm trying out LVM over DRBD and primarly it works.
But when i try to force a hardware failure of the first node ( power
off ) heartbeat want's to switch over the second storage node, so that
goes good.
The only bad thing is that i get the error " Device is held open by
someone " 

I've stopped the iscsi ( ietd ) manualy but that didn't help.
So i'm thinking there is something still holding it open, my best
quess is lvm. 

My current setup: 

sdb1 -> drbd0 -> pv -> vg -> lv's 

Does anyone have a tought about it what it could be ? 

Thanks alot ! 
With kindest regards, 

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