[DRBD-user] Strange reboot situation

Henri Cook drbd at theplayboymansion.net
Fri Sep 5 23:15:49 CEST 2008

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Hi all, I have a bizarre problem i'm hoping you can help me with.

Node A and Node B have /dev/drbd0 mounted in Primary-Primary on /shared

If Node B reboots, Node A stays online with the drive mounted and
resyncs normally upon it's return.

IF however, there is an FTP transfer in progress to /shared on Node A
when Node B gets rebooted, as soon as Node A loses the DRBD connection
(Primary/Unknown) it chooses to reboot itself also.

This obviously means my HA setup is going down in a sort of chain
reaction when under load - have i missed some obvious on-net-loss reboot
type option?

UPDATE: It appears that when i just reboot Node B with no active transfer, it registers as 'WFConnection' whereas if I reboot with an active transfer it registers as a 'NetworkFailure' - safe to assume then that default NetworkFailure behaviour is to reboot - can anyone tell me how to change this??

Please help!



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