[DRBD-user] I shall become SyncTarget, but I am primary! conn( WFReportParams -> Disconnecting )

Ilo Lorusso sneak147 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 11:32:55 CEST 2008

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I've got my drbd 82 & ocfs2 working perfectly in primary / primary mode,
I can see and create data on both machines on the shared mounted partition.

but when I simulate network failure on one of my nodes and create a
whole lot of test data on the node that
still has network connectivity  and then plug the network cable back
into the node that lost network connectivity
I get the following error ? and the data doesn't sync ? can someone
tell me what exactly is going on ... and the way forward from here?

 kernel: drbd1: Split-Brain detected, 2 primaries, automatically
solved. Sync from peer node
 kernel: drbd1: I shall become SyncTarget, but I am primary!
 kernel: drbd1: conn( WFReportParams -> Disconnecting )
 kernel: drbd1: error receiving ReportState, l: 4!

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