[DRBD-user] iscsi + md0 = tell me why this is a bad idea

Artur (eBoundHost) artur at eboundhost.com
Tue Oct 21 22:41:46 CEST 2008

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We're getting ready to test a drbd + nfs system in production and i 
started looking into iscsi.  Thought of something that i couldn't find 
an answer to on google, maybe i'm not looking hard enough (not on the 
first 5 results)

Why not have 2 storage systems exporting iscsi and simply software md 
raid the exports on a target system?  This would take out complexity of 
drbd and heartbeat entirely, no?

Only thing i can think against this setup is it pushes lots of bandwidth 
to both storage servers, but assuming that network is already in place 
this should not be a barrier.  And yes, it would require an additional 
1gb nic on the target server (1 from each storage system)

I'm definitely not going with this setup because drbd works great, but 
still looking for anything you can say about why my scenario would not 
be a good idea.

Best Regards,


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