[DRBD-user] Testing high availability

Paras pradhan pradhanparas at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 23:55:03 CEST 2008

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Hey all:

It seems like my question is related to ha, drbd and xen . Hence posting to
all of them at once.

I have two nodes setup with xen 3.0.3, drbd82, heartbeat 2 under centos
5.2. As I was testing this cluster for high availibility, I noticed some

1)  domA is running under node1. when I manually shutdown node 1, sometimes
it is migrated automatically to node2 and sometimes it is restarted in
node2. Why is this happening?

2) domA is running under node1. when I pull off the network cable, domA is
restarted in node 2 with no problem. But when the node1 comes back, domA is
not migrated to node1 and if i do 'xm list' under node1, I see
"migrating-domain". This is complicating everything.

My ha.cf file looks:

logfacility local0
udpport 694
keepalive 1
deadtime 5
warntime 3
initdead 10
ucast eth0
ucast eth0
auto_failback on
watchdog /dev/watchdog
debugfile /var/log/ha-debug
node ha1.domain.local
node ha2.domain.local

Help !

Thanks in advance
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