[DRBD-user] benchmark dolphin interconnect

Robert Heinzmann (ml) reg at elconas.de
Tue Nov 25 00:35:30 CET 2008

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I tested SSD disks some time ago. The result can be summarized like:

SSD: unbelivable fast for random read, ok for sequencial write, very 
poor random write
BBU backed Raid Controller: bad for random reads (nothing to cache 
here), perfect for writes

So if you use a BBU Raid controller with SSD you should get best 
performance in reads (disable read cache) and ok performance for writes 
(the poor random writes are "sequencialized" then with WriteBack cache 
strategy). I could not test the combination though. And if you get your 
hands on the Intel SSD drives - test it :)

For the controller side, use something you can control and finetune 
(e.g. LSI Unified SATA/SAS).


Grégory Steulet schrieb:
> Hi folks,
> I plan to benchmark Dolphin interconnect and I'd like to know which kind of hardware especially hard drive I've to use to get benefit of Dolphin interconnect ? Do I rather have to use Solid Storage device or Battery Backed  cache controller ?
> Do you have any experience with one of those technologies or maybe a brand or model of Hard Drive ?
> Any piece of advice, comment is welcome
> Best regards
> Greg
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