[DRBD-user] Ip problems since changes

Dieter Hermanns dh at fraenz-jaeger.de
Thu Nov 20 13:48:58 CET 2008

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yoyo64 schrieb:
> Thanks a lot for your help
> My eth0: and eth0:0 Ip adresses are mandatory, so I  expect to change only
> eth1: as below
> SVR1: 
>          inet adr:    Masque:
> SVR2:
>          inet adr:   Masque:
> I found that despite there are on same mask, they are not on same subnet
> (see exemples on internet) 
> - What do you think about this configuration ?
> Add to this, my eth1: are used for drbd purpose (see my drbd.conf below)
> - Can I change without any damage for datas, IP's adress  ? 

there was a misunderstanding!

I meant your eth1 mask not the eth0 ones.

inet adr:  Bcast: Masque:
                                     ^^^                    ^^^
either this must be 127 -------------+                      |
or this must be 255 ----------------------------------------+

on your 15bit netmask, your broadcast adress must have set all 15 lower bits!

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