[DRBD-user] Undo "drbdadm invalidate xxxx" ?

Robert Heinzmann (ml) reg at elconas.de
Wed Nov 12 23:43:39 CET 2008

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Thanks for the feedback Florian,
> Wrong approach to resolve split brain, even if you _had_ identified the
>  nodes correctly. Should have followed
> http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/s-manual-split-brain-recovery.html
Agreed, I did overseee this. Of course handling dplit-brain on the 
network level is better.

However I actually wanted the full sync, because I did not know the 
state of the device before the split brain. So to make sure I did want 
to do a full sync. (Users may have mounted the device below DRBD etc ....)

> You've already maneuvered yourself into a situation where you need a
> full sync to recover (the correct approach, described in the User's
> Guide, does not trigger a full resync). So rather than fiddling with the
> generation identifiers, why don't you nuke your metadata (drbdadm down,
> drbdadm create-md) on both nodes, and start from scratch using
> --overwrite-data-of-peer?
> Yes there is a (much more deeply involved) way to recover the quick-sync
> bitmap and reset the generation identifiers in your situation, but I
> probably wouldn't bother if I were you. So reinitialize the metadata and
> start over.
As mentioned above, I wanted the full sync. So quick-sync bitmap is 
difficult to recover, of course and I don't want to go into that. 
However can you give a hint what nees to be done on which side to get 
back to the point before the "invalidate" command ?

Is it handled at the Generation UUID's or the flags of the GI or both ?

Of course starting from scratch is an option. Thanks for the tip.

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