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Thu Nov 6 14:40:30 CET 2008

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I have mysql on drbd with heartbeat and dopd.


When I do cold backup on DRBD mysql disk, the sequence is:


1)      Stop mysql service

2)      Do a backup of data on DRBD disk on another dir always on DRBD

3)      Start mysql service


mysql service is not running, so shouldn't be problems if I take
secondary node down for a while, what you think of this ?


Can someone tell me what is the best method to add command after poit 1
in backup script so secondary node will be disconnected ?

backup should be faster and at the end of backup I can reconnect
secondary and restart mysql service and DRBD resync.

All this should be on the primary (owner of drbd resource), so I need
commands that instruct peer node to disconnect/reconnect.

At reconnection resynchronization should be take place automatically and


Thank you.

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