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Kavan Smith kavan at linbit.com
Thu Nov 6 02:35:36 CET 2008

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Chris Zimmerman wrote:
> Yes I want to use the shared storage for  public_html for a load
> balanced Apache install.  You say shared storage, I want to sure, this
> can be done with partitions on 2 machine's using drbd and gfs without
> the need for a "shared storage" ?  I am trying to do this without a san
> if I can. 

That's correct.  GFS would sit on top of DRBD in an active/active
configuration.  I overspoke a little about this being done with "ease".
    Please read Chapter 10 of our online user's guide, this will lay out
some of the technical challenges associated with active/active


> Does drbd have a limit of 2 servers? 

The GPL version of DRBD is limited to a standard 2 node configuration.
To obtain more than 2 nodes, we would stack resources.  Read more at:

> Sorry I sent you this directly on accident Kavan.

No worries :)

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