[DRBD-user] primary/primary with OCFS2 for the first time, questions

drbd at bobich.net drbd at bobich.net
Thu Mar 27 14:16:33 CET 2008

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On Thu, 27 Mar 2008, Christiaan den Besten wrote:

> I do remember having read about some 'future'work' on combining data, but 
> this is not yet in any live code as far as I know.... (remember, drbd is 
> block based, it doesn't know anything about the filesystem on top of it .... 
> )

I don't see how that is ever going to happen in the generic case. It can 
only work in an extremely limited scope, and even then it would need to be 
application controlled. Definitely not something we'll ever see on the 
block device level.


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