[DRBD-user] DRBD setup problem

Szasz Tamas szasz.tamas at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 20:15:57 CET 2008

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Hi list,

I installed drbd-8.2.5 from source on a running system. I have moved all
from the /var partition to a created /var directory. I want to use this free
partition(/var) to drbd. When I want to start the drbd, I get this error:
# drbdadm create-md data
v08 Magic number not found
md_offset 67225174016
al_offset 67225141248
bm_offset 67223089152

Found ext3 filesystem which uses 66589392 kB
current configuration leaves usable 65647548 kB

Device size would be truncated, which
would corrupt data and result in
'access beyond end of device' errors.
You need to either
   * use external meta data (recommended)
   * shrink that filesystem first
   * zero out the device (destroy the filesystem)
Operation refused.

Command 'drbdmeta /dev/drbd0 v08 /dev/sda5 internal create-md' terminated
with exit code 40
drbdadm aborting

Here is my config file:
global {
        minor-count 1;
resource data {
  protocol C;
  #incon-degr-cmd "echo '!DRBD! pri on incon-degr' | wall ; sleep 60 ; halt
  startup {
    wfc-timeout        0;  ## Infinite!
    degr-wfc-timeout   0;  ## 1 minutes.
   local-io-error "echo 0> /proc/sysrq-trigger; halt -f";
   #split-brain "echo split-brain. drbdadm -- --discard-my-data connect
$DRBD_RESOURCE ? | mail -s 'DRBD Alert' root";
  disk {
    on-io-error pass_on;
  net {
    # timeout           60;
    # connect-int       10;
    # ping-int          10;
    max-buffers         2048;
    ko-count            4;
    after-sb-0pri       discard-older-primary;
    after-sb-1pri       call-pri-lost-after-sb;
    after-sb-2pri       call-pri-lost-after-sb;
    # max-epoch-size  2048;
  syncer {
    rate   10M;
    #group   1;
    al-extents 257;

  on YBKX007453 {
    device      /dev/drbd0;
    disk        /dev/sda5;
    meta-disk   internal;

  on YBKX007451 {
    device     /dev/drbd0;
    disk       /dev/sda5;


Where is my misstake?

Thank you!
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