[DRBD-user] drbd dopd - error in secondary (ds : uptodate instead of ds : outdated)

Swetha - swetha_jay87 at yahoo.co.in
Thu Mar 20 13:36:42 CET 2008

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  I have configured a serial link (serial /dev/ttyS0) and ucast (ucast eth0 for the drbd replication.
  my ha.cf file
  debugfile /var/log/ha-dedbug
  logfile /var/log/ha-log
  logfacility  local0
  keepalive 2
  deadtime 30
  warntime 10
  initdead 120
  baud 19200
  serial /dev/ttyS0
  ucast eth0
  auto_failback on
  node master
  node slave
  As per florian's blog, i use following two communication paths (iam using TCP/IP protocol)
  IP unicast,
  serial line.
  I have two communication links (namely serial and ucast) here, dont i?

Bas van Schaik <bas at tuxes.nl> wrote:  Swetha wrote:
> Hi,
> (blah blah blah)


You are really hopeless, you know? And again, I'm answering your post. I
really don't know why, and I really shouldn't...

In my last message to you, I asked you a very relevant question which you
have never answered. It seems that you even didn't read it, or you didn't
take the effort to think about it.

> (...)
> 2) Read the ******* manual! Did you actually configure a alternate
> communication path? Did you actually read the Heartbeat documentation?
> Do you actually understand what you are doing?
> (...)

Now you have read Florian's blog posting, did you configure an alternate
communication path (as he mentions?). Did you read the Heartbeat

-- Bas

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