[DRBD-user] building 8.2.5: UUID_SIZE & co

Jure Pečar pegasus at nerv.eu.org
Wed Mar 19 13:19:03 CET 2008

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I'm trying to build drbd 8.2.5 against slightly modified rhel4 kernel (virtuozzo edition). Building kmod fails early with:

In file included from /root/drbd-8.2.5/drbd/drbd_bitmap.c:31:
/root/drbd-8.2.5/drbd/drbd_int.h:514: error: `EXT_UUID_SIZE' undeclared here (not in a function)
/root/drbd-8.2.5/drbd/drbd_int.h:768: error: `UUID_SIZE' undeclared here (not in a function)

Followed by a torrent of errors which I think are caused by these missing definitions.

I looked around, but these are not defined neither in drbd nor in kernel sources. Where is drbd supposed to get them from?


Jure Pečar

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