[DRBD-user] Fwd: new dopd error

Bas van Schaik bas at tuxes.nl
Mon Mar 17 14:06:11 CET 2008

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Hi Swetha,

I'm affraid I'm the only one who will respond to your questions, since
you are really harassing this list with your questions. Looking at your
last question about dopd, it looks like you still didn't read the "How
to ask questions the smart way" howto:

  ==> READ IT! <==

Did you actually see and used my other advises?
 1) Search for your problem! Is it that hard to ask Google for
information about "dopd drbd"? It would have led you to Florian's Blog:
 2) Read the ******* manual! Did you actually configure a alternate
communication path? Did you actually read the Heartbeat documentation?
Do you actually understand what you are doing?

This is probably the last mail I will ever send to you, so you'd better
read it carefully.

  -- Bas

Swetha - wrote:
> Hi,
>   Could anyone figure out what the problem is?
>   I get a uptodate state in ds, but it should be outdated.
>   Iam helpless
>   Regards
>   Swetha
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