[DRBD-user] 0.7.25 vs 2.4.36 oops

friiz friiz at dunaweb.hu
Sun Mar 16 15:26:45 CET 2008

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I would like to use drbd-0.7.25 with linux-,
after setting up drbd.conf, sync starts from primary to secondary, but 
after formatting the device kernel panic comes every time.
( 0.7.21 works great, at least for a week, after it panics with
assert(atomic_read(mdev->ap_bio_cnt >=0) )

0.7.25 breaks only in connected state, but every time i try to format my 
a simple mkfs.xfs causes panic with every attempt
like this

drbdsomenumber: iin _drbd_end_req:45 ap_pending_cnt = -1634075096 < 0
drbdsomenumber: iin _drbd_end_req:45 ap_pending_cnt = -1 < 0
unable to handle kernel paging request a virtual address

does anybody use 0.7.25 with linux 2.4?


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