[DRBD-user] meta-data error

Bas van Schaik bas at tuxes.nl
Fri Mar 14 14:15:22 CET 2008

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Hi Swetha,

First of all: DRBD metadata has _nothing_ to do with your filesystem.
The DRBD metadata is used to keep track of the current status of the
device and the other node.

Knowing that, it is easy to understand that the file disappearing has
nothing to do with the DRBD conversion. Actually, if you were able to
mount /export using DRBD 0.7.21 and you were able to mount /export after
upgrading to DRBD 8.2.5, it is almost safe to assume that there is
nothing wrong with the filesystem and thus nothing wrong with DRBD. If
there would be something wrong with DRBD, your machine would refuse to
mount /export.

Maybe a stupid question: did you actually mount /export? Was it mounted
when you created the HTML-file? Possible problems:
 - you created the HTML-file on an unmounted mountpoint, so it is
currently located on your root filesystem
 - you created the HTML-file on the mounted /export, but forgot to mount
it after the DRBD upgrade and now you're looking at an unmounted mountpoint

  -- Bas

Swetha - wrote:
> Hi,
>   I have upgraded my system from DRBD-0.7.21 to DRBD-8.2.5
>   I have mounted default webserver of linux (/export) and i have created a html page in it.
>   But after i upgraded my system i found that i didnt have the html page in upgraded version (8.2.5) that i created in my older version (0.7.21)
>   When i typed this following command 
>   [root at slave drbd]# drbdadm create-md export
>   v08 Magic number not found
>   md_offset 0
>   al_offset 4096
>   bm_offset 36864
>   Found some data
>    ==> This might destroy existing data! <==
>   Do you want to proceed?
>   [need to type 'yes' to confirm] yes
>   Valid v07 meta-data found, convert to v08?
>   [need to type 'yes' to confirm] yes
>   Converting meta data...
>   Writing meta data...
>   New drbd meta data block sucessfully created.
>   What is the problem?What is the solution?
>   Regards
>   Swetha
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