[DRBD-user] Suggestion for DRBD User's Guide

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Thu Mar 13 15:52:31 CET 2008

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On Wed, 12 Mar 2008, Whit Blauvelt wrote:

>> What version of DRBD are you using? What does drbd.conf say? Have you
>> verified latency and throughput on your Gb interfaces independently of
>> DRBD? Have you verified idle sync speed with no other operations happening
>> on the DRBD devices (without them being mounted)? What does /proc/drbd say
>> it's speed is? What distro are you using? Did you compile from source or
>> get the rpms from a repository?
> Ah yes, versions. This is on Ubuntu 7.10, which is only up to 8.0.3. It's
> from the deb except for the kernel module, which is compiled from a source
> deb. The interfaces are fine. Using drbdsetup to up the syncer rate looks to
> have just sped the process, although what /proc/drbd shows for speed - well,
> it looks like that's an average over time, so it's still quite low but
> rising. The DRBD devices aren't currently mounted.

Sounds good. :-)

>> No, I've tested it with devices/volumes up to hundreds of GB. One thing
>> that did cause me problems is an upgrade from 8.0.8 to 8.0.11+, though. The
>> performance went through the floor, probably to similar levels that you are
>> seeing. I'm back to 8.0.8 and it's all working happily again. What version
>> of DRBD are you running? Try downgrading to 8.0.8 (including the kernel
>> module) and see if the problem goes away.
> Thanks for the reassuring report. Is 8.0.8 golden, then? Or is it just that
> I should not have followed the draft manual's example of not setting a
> syncer rate before the initial sync?

8.0.8 works for me, although I have not seen any reports of other people 
having similar problems with 8.0.11 yet. By all means try it and see if it 
works for you.


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