[DRBD-user] can't mount the device?

Florian Haas florian.haas at linbit.com
Wed Mar 5 08:33:33 CET 2008

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On Wednesday 05 March 2008 03:57:13 Jean-Francois Malouin wrote:
> Total newbie here, as of few days. Be nice!
> I read the fine user guide on drbd.org but still no go.
> I have drbd-8.2.5 installed on debian/etch
> The two nodes have logical volumes to be replicated between them.
> I can't mount the volume (before or after the initial sync):
> ~# mount /export_www
> mount: /dev/web-vg/lvweb already mounted or /export_www busy
> Forgive the newbie request but what am I doing wrong?

Assuming that you do _not_ have your backing device mounted already, chances 
are that you are attempting to mount by filesystem UUID, which will be 
identical on both DRBD and its backing device. Thus mount finds the backing 
device's UUID first; then attempts to mount the backing device, which fails 
because the backing device is already bd_claim()'ed by DRBD. In reality you 
want to mount the DRBD device. 

Can't tell for sure if that is your real issue, though; you didn't share your 

Workaround for that would be to mount by device, rather than filesystem UUID.


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