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Mon Mar 3 05:47:31 CET 2008

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>   1.How can i create meta-data for my existing system with above drbd.conf file?

   Run this command: drbdadm create-md export
>   2.Is my meta-data internal or external?

   From the drbd.conf, it is clear that you are using external device 
for metadata. You can make it to internal by replacing the line
   meta-disk /dev/hda6[0];
   meta-disk   internal;

   on both master and slave. But, in this case, DRBD stores meta-data
information on the same physical lower-level device(/dev/hda5 in your
case) as the actual data.

>   3.How can i view my meta-data?

    Refer drbdmeta command    

>   3.I have a problem with upgrading my DRBD-0.7.21 to DRBD-8.It occurs at the below given statement.Please clarify it for me.
>     drbdadm create-md export
>   (my resource name is export)
    To upgrade drbd from 0.7x to 8.x, follow this link


>   4.How can i enable data integrity into my existing system without upgrading it to DRBD-8?
>   5.What all enhancements can i make to my existing system with DRBD-0.7.21 to enable online device verification and data-integrity?

    Online device verification feature is available only from 8.2.4 onwards. The build which you are using is very old. Download the latest version.

>   6.How can i use dopd in DRBD-0.7.21?

    See this link for details 

    I hope this information would help you to solve your issues.

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