[DRBD-user] resizing lvm devices and iscsi

Jeff Gamsby jfgamsby at lbl.gov
Sun Jun 29 20:09:42 CEST 2008

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 I would like to resize my drbd device, but the configuration is a bit 

5 drbd devices (2 boot disks (ext3 20GB) and a LVM (2TB 3 logical 
volumes (xfs)) ) Running drbd and heartbeat

drbd0 boots a remote client via iscsi and mounts the LVM devices (xfs) 
also via iscsi

I want to grow the LVM partitions online but have been having trouble

I have been doing the following:

lvextend -L500GB /dev/DISK/SHARE on both drbd nodes
drbdadm resize on the primary

then reboot the remote client

remote client does not 'see' new size on LVM partition.

Any suggestions?


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